Tuesday, May 21, 2013

May 21, 2013

"The Curtis"

5 deadlifts 225/185
21 knees to elbow
81 double unders

Time:  9:14 
(115 lbs. on the DL and a total of 243 single jump ropes each round)


Breakfast - (2) slices of banana bread
Snack - (2) graham crackers
Lunch - chicken salad sandwich on round grain bread & Pringle pretzel sticks
Snack - Choco. Protein shake & (1) slice of banana bread
Dinner - chicken salad sandwich on round grain bread (yeah, a bit of a repeat, but I was in a hurry on my way out to a ball game and it was ready for me.  Plus that option seemed better than pizza, which is what my family ate.)
Water - 9 c.

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