Thursday, July 24, 2014

July 24, 2014

Today I ran the 10K I have mentioned I was "training" for.  I have realized I have developed a yearly workout schedule, only because it works for me and keeping me in shape.  During the school year is when I do Crossfit because it works best for fitting into my work schedule, plus I love the way it makes me feel, the way it pushes me, and the results I have seen.  However, during the summer, when I don't work, I enjoy taking a different exercise routine.  One reason being that the football team and other high school sport teams use the weight room during the summer to stay conditioned and I don't want to be in their way.  Another reason is to change up my exercising and I do enjoy my walk & talks.  It gets my day going with adult conversation! :)  So this is a glimpse at my exercise routine for a year...
Aug. - May = Crossfit (other exercises sometimes work their way into play during the school year too.)
June - July = Morning walks & (avg. 3 mile) runs
All leading up to...July 24 =10K Fun Run
Ok so back to today...
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My son and me before heading to the race...

So I ran the 1st one truly by myself.  Usually I run any race with my sister, but she lives about 4 hours from where I do and couldn't make it to town this year for this run.  I didn't want that to hold me back, so I signed up to do it anyway.  My goal for a 10K is always to complete it in under an hour.  I used Map My Run to track my pace, and each mile I was surprised that I was ahead of my usual 9:30ish pace.  I completed my run in 53.23 with a pace of 8.48/mile.  My app tells me that I actually ran 6.1 miles and that my time was 53:43, but I like what the race results had to tell me instead! ;)
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My app also tells me that my fastest mile was 8:25, while my longest run was 9:02.  I was pretty excited to see that!!  I ended up taking 3rd in my age division and 6th overall in the women.  
My app said I burned 601 calories from that run.  Dang!  A good reason to keep running! :)  I have been watching my food intake more closely again lately.  I am starting to see and feel a difference already.  Like I mentioned before, I have done well to maintain my weight loss from last summer, but I can tell that I have put it back on in some areas.  I don't know if anyone who saw me would be able to tell the difference, but I can and that's what matters.

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

July 22, 2014

Ran 4.43 miles in 41:21
Hike:  8.26 miles

Our family then met up with other family and friends to hike the Kanarraville Falls.  It is a beautiful hike through water, trees, rocks, slot canyon, water falls, etc.  It is on the back side of Zion Canyon if that helps paint the picture on how pretty it is.  A majority of the hike is actually walking through water.  Luckily I didn't see any snakes this time, but they can be seen on this hike.  The final destination are some natural formed rock water slides.  The water was freezing so I didn't do more than walk through it, but my kids enjoyed going down the water slides!  The hike was a total of 8.26 miles round trip.  By the time I got home that afternoon, I was BEAT!!

Sunday, July 20, 2014

July 20, 2014

Rest Day

Breakfast - Toast on flat round bread w/ a small amt of butter and strawberry jam

Saturday, July 19, 2014

July 19, 2014


Breakfast - Greek yogurt & 2/3 poppy seed muffin
Lunch - Salad - lettuce, yellow bell peppers, salsa & ranch
Dessert - Fiber 1 brownie bar
Snack - Chips & salsa/pico
Dinner - (1) chicken enchilada w/ a handful of chips and pico
Water - 7 c.

Friday, July 18, 2014

July 18, 2014

For some reason my GPS cut out on my Map My Run app this morning so I clocked the distance ran in my car.  It turned out being 3. 2 miles.  I was hoping to run the route I did the other day of 4.39 miles, but my cramps were so bad I was clinching my fists as I ran.  I decided to cut it a bit shorter.

Ran:  3.2 miles
Time:  29:31

Prework out - granola bar
Breakfast - Lit & Fit Dannon Greek yogurt
Lunch - Sandwich on flat round bread. - mustard, turkey, avacado & yellow bell pepper strips
Snack - Chips w/ ranch & salsa
Dessert - Fiber 1 brownie bar (90 calorie)
Dinner - (Trying not to throw up while thinking about it...) McDonalds cheeseburger kids meal.

Thursday, July 17, 2014

July 17, 2014

Ran:  3.2 miles
Time:  ???  I'm bummed because I must have hit the pause instead of start button.  I know the distance I ran because I have clocked it before, but I don't know how fast I ran it.  Too bad because I felt like I ran it faster today than the last time I ran this route.

Breakfast - Greek yogurt
Lunch - turkey & avocado pita sandwich
Snack - 18 oz. raspberry smoothie
Dinner - taco salad - chips, taco meat, lettuce, yellow & orange bell peppers, ranch, and salsa
Dessert - 3 mini 3 Musketeers

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

July 16, 2014

3 mile walk with my friends.

I was going to go for a short (1 1/2 mile) run when I got home, but by the time I hit my driveway, I could feel cramps...and when I get cramps, I am usually in the fetal position for the day!  Plus, those blisters I could feel coming on from yesterday's run, well I had 5 on my feet by last night.  I guess I have forgotten what it takes to get back into running!  Maybe I should have signed up for the 5K instead. ;)

Pre-workout - 3 Nilla Wafers
Breakfast - chocolate muffin (I might as well start the day off with a bang!)

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

July 15, 2014

Just checking in...

It has been a long time since I have posted anything to my "online workout diary".  No, this doesn't mean I have stopped working out, although I have taken a break from Xfit for the summer.  The reason being, the weight room that I use, gets used by the football players and other high school athletes for summer training programs and I would rather not be in their way or work out with high schoolers!
Instead, I have been walking every morning with friends.  It gets me out of the house in the social (getting adult conversation) and physical sense so it's a win-win.  I have signed up to run a 10K (by myself) on July 24.  My son is running the 5K, but I decided to sign up for the 10K.  With that being said, I have also been putting in a run either following my morning walk, which is more preferred, or going in the evening.
I have been using the App "Map My Run".  If you have never heard of it or used it, I would totally suggest checking it out.  It is free and gives a very detailed look at your workouts.  It uses GPS for an accurate read for where you run, your total distance ran, split times for your miles and calories burned.  There are other workout options to log too and not just for running.  You can also track your nutrition and set goals if you are trying to lose weight.
Here is a look at what I have tracked with my "My My Run" App:

June 24 - 3.19 miles Time:  31:50 (avg. 9:59 min/mile)
June 30 - 1.54 miles Time:  14:21 (avg 9:18 min/mile)
July 9 - 1.55 miles  Time:  14:15 (avg. 9:12 min/mile)
July 10 - 1.95 miles  Time:  17:55 (avg. 9:12 min/mile)
July 11 - I wanted to map the walk my walking group did.
              1.95 miles Time:  28:00
July 12 - 3.19 miles  Time:  30:18 (avg. 9:30 min/mile)
        *I ran this one with my son is is running the upcoming 5K.  I felt that I could have ran the whole way  straight, but he needed to walk 2x during our run so I don't know how accurate our time was.
July 14 - My walking friend and I wanted to cover more distnace in our morning walks so we added more to it and I "clocked" it on my phone.
         3:00 miles Time:  45:24
TODAY:  July 15 - 4.39 miles Time:  43:20 (avg. 9:52 min/mile)
     **Calories burned:  438

Today I could feel that I was slower.  I don't know if it is because I was trying to pace myself more for the longer distance I ran, because I could feel blisters forming on my feet, or because I ate like crap yesterday?!?  Hmmm...maybe a combination of all 3!!  I do know that I will be able to complete my 10K, but in all the 10K races I have ever completed in, I have never finished in over an hours time.  If I were to have ran the 10K today at the pace I did, I would have finished in 59 minutes.  Sure that's not an hour, but I don't want to get that close to the hour mark either!  I am hoping for somewhere between 50 and 55 minutes.   Maybe my adrenaline will help me out a little!  That and my diet??  I hope I can eat healthy for the next week to get my system cleaning out better.  I have done well to maintain what I lost last summer, but I can feel it in other running time, my skin, and my overall feeling when I don't focus on eating healthy.  I plan on tracking my diet again...


Pre-workout - granola bar
Breakfast - Dannon Light & Fit Greek yogurt (80 calories)
My morning was a busy one, so by the time lunch hit, I was ravenous!  That is a big NO NO!  Usually I carry snacks in my purse to avoid getting that hungry.
Lunch - (2) burritos - tortilla, taco meat, shredded lettuce, ranch, salsa (I should have only had one because I was honestly (miserably) full for the rest of the day!
Snack - kiddie sized icecream cone
Dinner - Baked Penne (maybe 1 c. worth)
Snack - handful of Pita crackers

Water - 11 c.