Friday, July 18, 2014

July 18, 2014

For some reason my GPS cut out on my Map My Run app this morning so I clocked the distance ran in my car.  It turned out being 3. 2 miles.  I was hoping to run the route I did the other day of 4.39 miles, but my cramps were so bad I was clinching my fists as I ran.  I decided to cut it a bit shorter.

Ran:  3.2 miles
Time:  29:31

Prework out - granola bar
Breakfast - Lit & Fit Dannon Greek yogurt
Lunch - Sandwich on flat round bread. - mustard, turkey, avacado & yellow bell pepper strips
Snack - Chips w/ ranch & salsa
Dessert - Fiber 1 brownie bar (90 calorie)
Dinner - (Trying not to throw up while thinking about it...) McDonalds cheeseburger kids meal.

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