Thursday, July 24, 2014

July 24, 2014

Today I ran the 10K I have mentioned I was "training" for.  I have realized I have developed a yearly workout schedule, only because it works for me and keeping me in shape.  During the school year is when I do Crossfit because it works best for fitting into my work schedule, plus I love the way it makes me feel, the way it pushes me, and the results I have seen.  However, during the summer, when I don't work, I enjoy taking a different exercise routine.  One reason being that the football team and other high school sport teams use the weight room during the summer to stay conditioned and I don't want to be in their way.  Another reason is to change up my exercising and I do enjoy my walk & talks.  It gets my day going with adult conversation! :)  So this is a glimpse at my exercise routine for a year...
Aug. - May = Crossfit (other exercises sometimes work their way into play during the school year too.)
June - July = Morning walks & (avg. 3 mile) runs
All leading up to...July 24 =10K Fun Run
Ok so back to today...
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My son and me before heading to the race...

So I ran the 1st one truly by myself.  Usually I run any race with my sister, but she lives about 4 hours from where I do and couldn't make it to town this year for this run.  I didn't want that to hold me back, so I signed up to do it anyway.  My goal for a 10K is always to complete it in under an hour.  I used Map My Run to track my pace, and each mile I was surprised that I was ahead of my usual 9:30ish pace.  I completed my run in 53.23 with a pace of 8.48/mile.  My app tells me that I actually ran 6.1 miles and that my time was 53:43, but I like what the race results had to tell me instead! ;)
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My app also tells me that my fastest mile was 8:25, while my longest run was 9:02.  I was pretty excited to see that!!  I ended up taking 3rd in my age division and 6th overall in the women.  
My app said I burned 601 calories from that run.  Dang!  A good reason to keep running! :)  I have been watching my food intake more closely again lately.  I am starting to see and feel a difference already.  Like I mentioned before, I have done well to maintain my weight loss from last summer, but I can tell that I have put it back on in some areas.  I don't know if anyone who saw me would be able to tell the difference, but I can and that's what matters.

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