Tuesday, January 6, 2015

January 6, 2015

10 pull ups (assisted with band)
10 burpees
10 hang power cleans
300m run

3 rounds

I'm excited...I feel like part of the old Crossfit group is coming back together!  2 people have joined Kim and I this week, one being a friend from our past workout group.  Once his wife feels better she is going to join us too!  I love working out, but the truth is it is WAY more fun with more people!  Plus...I feel like it gives you more accountability, push and drive to change and be the best person you can be!

Breakfast - Blueberry Greek Yogurt
Snack - handful of cashews
Lunch - turkey sandwich on flat bread (mayo, mustard, flat bread, oven roasted turkey), veggie straws, 1/2 babybel cheese, (2) Riesens
Snack - chocolate premier protein shake, (1) stick from a kit kat, handful of BBQ rice cake "chips"
Dinner -
Water - 6 c.

I am having such a hard time with sweets/food this week!  I think the main idea is to cut back and to take notice of what is actually going into my mouth, so with that, I feel like I am doing a great job.  Baby steps towards healthy eating..you can't expect change all at once!

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