Friday, January 16, 2015

January 16, 2015

10 push ups
10 push press
10 pull ups
200m run

3 rounds
This was the WOD my Xfit group did this morning, but I decided to rest my stomach from the day before a little more.  By the evening I was feeling back to 100% so I decided to get in my WOD.  I ended up changing the WOD above a little since I forgot to bring my workout bag which included my pull up band.  Here's what I ended up doing:

15 push press  (45 lb)
30 sit ups
200m run

3 rounds

Cool Down:
8 tricep dips
8 push ups
15 mountain climbers
95 sit ups
30 crunches
30 leg raises
38 sec. plank
45 squats

At the end of it all, I decided to work on some other areas...handstand push ups, wall walks, and clean & jerk (65lbs).  I also put in a few more laps of running and then played some basketball with my husband and kids.  All in all it ended up being an hr and half workout.  

Breakfast - Pumpkin muffin
Lunch - flatbread PB&J with half a bag of cinnamon chips
Dinner - 3 mini corndogs, corn and jello pretzel salad
Water - 8c.

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