Tuesday, January 27, 2015

January 27, 2015

25 Jump Rope
10 KB Snatch (20 lb)
50 Jump Rope
10 KB Snatch
75 Jump Rope
10 KB Snatch
100 Jump Rope

Cool Down:
10 tricep dips
9 push ups
15 mountain climbers
75 sit ups
100 crunches
42 leg raises
65 sec. plank
50 squats

Pre-Workout:  PB granola bar
Breakfast - 2 (homemade) lemon poppy seed muffins
Snack - 2 Breakfast Biscuits
Lunch - Flat bread PB&J and Pringles pretzel sticks...oh and 4 Riesens.
Snack - 5 Andes Mints and handful of cashews
Dinner - LARGE salad (lettuce, bell peppers, black beans, corn, avocado, Parmesan cheese, salsa and ranch)
Snack - Frozen Twinkie
Water - 9 c

Eating "close to the source" is clean eating that eliminates most cans, boxes, and packages. Learning to create health through the foods you eat is life transforming. Learning about herbs is beneficial for both cooking and medicine making!  Take control of your health! #quote

It's funny...I feel like a hypocrite lately.  I have been doing well with my WOD's and working out my 5 days/week, yet I feel somewhat hypocritical by the way I have been eating.  I guess that goes to show you...that's life.  You will have good days and bad days but it's what you ultimately do that makes the difference.  I feel like I have been in a slump lately.  It's almost as though I have found new motivation with the WOD's ever since my workout team went from 2 (me and a friend) to 6 (me plus 5 more friends).  I have brought back some old exercise movements I haven't used or done anything with in a while.  I partly feel motivated because it is now my turn to hold the torch.  These people count on me to be there or them each day, to motivate and push them to their breaking points, and share my knowledge.  I feel lucky to know what I do about weightlifting (by no means am I saying that I am a pro at it), but I realize I know so much more about it than I did just 3 years ago.  I am honored to have such a group of friends who put their faith in me!  
My eating on the other hand...there are days where I feel point on, determined and indestructible.  The last 3 days...not so much.  I am only human, which means I can experience those MAD sugar cravings and I shouldn't let those days get me down or discouraged.  It's not even about what I look like or what size I wear...ok well maybe a little bit, but it's more about the way I feel inside.  As I sit here now, my stomach is churning, reminding me that IT hates sugar.  When I was super healthy and food aware during my 6 week challenge I honestly felt the best that I had in years!!  No upset stomach!!  I think I need these sugar cravings in my life because as I give into them, it reminds me that I don't need or want the pain and discomfort that comes with it.  It's like our health...we don't appreciate it until we are sick.  We need these reminders in life to appreciate life a little more!

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This is the truth! Its all about making healthy choices ladies! Clean eating every day

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