Monday, January 11, 2016

January 11, 2015

10 Push Press (45 lb)
20 sit ups
300 m run


Then...100 crunches and 10 bench press

Bust - 32"
Waist - 27 1/2"
Hips - 37 1/2"
Thigh - 21 1/2"
Calf - 13 1/2"

Weight - 134.9 lbs

Ok so I am not quite back to where I started with my 6 week challenge, but pretty dang close!  I know it because I can feel it in myself and the way my clothes are starting to fit too.  Truth be told, I also know it because of the way I have been eating.  I haven't been holding myself accountable and now I can see why food is more important than exercise.  After all, abs are made in the kitchen and not at the gym right?
Today my school district is beginning a wellness challenge as part of earning our wellness points.  So for if no other reason, today is a great day to start fresh with my 6 week challenge!

Pre-work out:  granola bar
Breakfast:  banana
Snack: fruit snacks & sm bag of Scooby snack crackers
Lunch:  hamburger patty with grilled onions and scoop of mashed potatoes (leftovers)
Snack:  fruit parfait (vanilla yogurt, strawberries & granola)
Dinner:  fajitas (steak, peppers, onions, tortilla & tomatillo dressing)

*Water: 45 oz?

*According to a "how much water should I drink in a day?" calculator, I should be drinking about 30 oz. of water /day.  For Christmas I got a (40oz.) HydroFlask.  My goal is to empty it at least once a day.  Yesterday I did have to refill it, but I didn't drink much after that so I know it was more than 40oz and that's what really matters I suppose!

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