Thursday, June 13, 2013

June 13, 2013


Morning walk:  2 1/2 miles
Run:  1 1/2 miles

(It took me about 12 mins. to complete...I didn't time it too precisely.)  I am going to start doing that...running after my morning walk.  It felt great!  Another change I am going to after walking I have been coming home to stretch*, but I am going to wake up a few minutes earlier so I can get that in first thing.  Sometimes when I get home, my life takes over and I get too busy to get it in and I am missing it.  Plus, I am afraid to start losing my ability to do push ups. :)

*STRETCH:  Before starting my xfit WOD's I would start each morning with this same stretching.  It is fast and gets me more awake by the time it is time for the work out.

run 400 m
reversal cobra
10 push ups
10 sit ups
mountain climbers
10 air squats

The saying is: "My warm-up is your work out."


Breakfast - Peach Greek Yogurt
Snack - piece of chocolate cake (after baking 4 sheet cakes, I had to taste test to see if they were poisonous before serving! ;) )
Lunch - (1) burrito
Dinner - dutch oven potatoes, roll, piece of sheet cake
Water - 9 c.

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