Thursday, January 10, 2013

This is MY Crossfit story

My name is Alli D and I have a problem.  I am hooked on Crossfit.  I began doing crossfit on August 27, 2012 and this is my journey.
When I first began Crossfit I was scared, nervous and completely unsure of any terms used at the gym; Thrusters, Snatch, Cleans...just to name a few.  I still have to look the names up here and there for a refresher, but I'm getting better at learning them.  Within a few weeks I could see a change in myself and my body.  After a few weeks of consistently going to crossfit I had lost 5 pounds and dropped a size in jeans, not to mention, I was able to do a REAL pushup!  I love the friendships I have made, the challenge of thinking I am physically unable to do something and then completing it, and of course, I have loved the results I've seen. 
My reason for starting this blog is to have a way to keep track of my journey.  I will be listing my daily workout so that I can see how I am {hopefully} gaining speed and strength.

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