Friday, August 30, 2013

August 30, 2013

I didn't make it to Xfit yesterday.  It has been one of the LONGEST weeks ever with school starting up again and having SEP's this week at school.  Plus, heading to bed at 11 didn't help.  I decided to skip today's WOD of:


Deadlift  225/185
Box Jump  24/20

and do yesterday's torture instead...
70 squats - 45 lb bar  (I did 35 front squats and 35 back squats)
60 double unders (180 singles)
50 situps
40 wall balls  20/15 (*10 lbs.)
30 HR push ups
20 pull ups (with band assistance)
10 bar over burpees

It was supposed to be 2 rounds for time, but I knew it would take awhile.  Anyone who did yesterday's said it took anywhere from 30-50 mins to complete, with some throwing up in the bushes afterwards!  YIKES!  I wanted the challenge this morning, but I'm saving my 2nd round for another day! ;)  

Time:  18:12  (1 round)

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