Monday, July 27, 2015

Fun Run 10K

I know I have mentioned it before, but I like to change up my workouts.  During the winter months I am trapped inside the building because it gets too cold and miserable to be outside.  While the weather is nice though, I like to take advantage and be outside!
During the summer months I choose to walk in the morning with friends and then run after that.  I spent most of my summer doing just that, knowing that I wanted to compete in a 10K Fun Run on July 24th.
I have ran countless 10Ks.  Those seem to be my comfort level.  A 5K seems too short for a race (for me) and a marathon makes my body ache, yes I have completed 2 full marathons!
Last year, I completed the race in 53:23 and took 3rd in my age division.  This year, I wanted to place again.  I trained, knowing that my goal was to place.  I ended up finishing the race in 51:52, almost a minute faster than last year!  (My app said my time was 52:05)  My average pace was 8:38/mile and I burned a total of 596 calories.  I took 1st in my age division, but 23rd overall.  The 23rd part sucks, but I am stoked about 1st place.  Totally not what I was expecting!!

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