Saturday, October 5, 2013

October 5, 2013

I was so excited when my xfit friends asked if I would be part of this challenge they are putting on.  There are 2 parts to their challenge.  Their 6 week challenge and WOD challenge.  I have been maintainig my weight and inches lost from doing the 6 week challenge from before.  I am definitely more conscious of what I eat.  I'm not perfect on what I eat 100% of the time, but at least I know now what I need to do to be and feel healthier.  Anyway...I agreed to do their WOD challenge.  Here is what it is:
We are having a challenge meeting on Thursday at 6pm to go over the team and individual challenge rules.  This would be a good opportunity to "strategize" as some of the team workout information will be revealed.  
Each person will participate in at least one workout on one of the next 6 Saturdays--the workouts are fun and this is extra motivation to stick with the lifestyle challenge.  So it will be EASY and motivating and rewarding . . .what more could you want?

Enough said right?  So Saturday was the first challenge and since it involved running, I was up for this WOD.

Everyone on the team of 4 started off by running 1 mile.  
Then we had to divide up any way we wanted to:  200 sit ups and 200 push ups.  
We tried to make it so each person would do their (even) amount of 50 of each, but by the end of the WOD, it turned into everyone yelling at each other how many we still needed, etc.  It was a crazy mess, but fun in a totally weird way. :)  Our team's final time was:12:09.  I forgot to look at the clock when I came back from my 1 mile run, but I know I came back in between 2 people who did look at the clock, so I'm guessing my time for the mile was about 7:30.  If that's true, that means I would have shaved more time from my run!  Now I want to go time myself at the track to see how accurate it was.  

Team Time: 12:09
Team Members:  Me, Michelle, Troy and Kelly

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